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Kendra. 20 . Bi, you mad? I get lost in words that are written and said. I value that I'm Irish. Life should be filled with love and laughter. I support the military 100 percent. Mornings should always start off with soft music and hot tea or coffee. I attend college and appreciate the beauty of tattoos, girls, reading, music, writing and poetry. All of which I've stated I blog about, and Harry Potter, LOTR, A Day To Remember, Star Wars, Supernatural, Sherlock and other odds and ends. Follow me (:

How could everything be so perfect in the beginning, I believed you when you said you wanted to be different from all the rest. You said the sweetest things, like “I’ll do anything to make this work” ha.. you wanna know the funny thing, i was so cautious and you saw that..and then you stuck by and kept on with the sweet talking.. I started to believe you… thats the funny part, I BELIEVED YOU! and here i am again.. I’m losing hope in you, you’ve distanced yourself from me, and I don’t know if it’s something I did or not… I mean… C’mon don’t tell me you’re gonna call me but then you never do. Don’t tell me you miss me but I only hear from you once or twice in a alright I understand you’re busy on your end, with just getting back home and spending time with friends and family.. But it’s not that hard to send a text..saying “hey I’m thinking of you blah blah blah” I don’t even get just don’t get it do you? I miss you. I miss you terribly.. And I’m almost to the point to where I will walk away. I don’t want to, but what choice to do I have now? /:

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